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Ronit Kumar: 20 years old doing Aeronautical Engineering in Pune Institute of Aviation Technology who grows up to be a Pilot 

Father  : Abhay Kumar 48 years old is a Corporate lawyer in Ahmedabad

Mother :  Reema Kumar 45 years old is a Psychology Professor in Ahmedabad Science College

Brother :  Samyak 17 years old St Johns High School Student 

Sister   :  Archi: 15 years old  in her 10th in St Johns High School Student   School

Youngest Sister: Avni 13 years old in her 8th Standard in St Johns High School Student 

Best friend cum Classmate: Arman Nair 21 years old 

Girlfriend: Preeti Khanna 20 years old DDS Student from Singhad Dental College in Pune

 Threshold  [The First Step of Pilot  Ronit ]

The summer sun gleamed on Ronit face as he looked outside his classroom window wondering how he will go further after his Aeronautical Engineering Course in Pune Institute of Aviation one of the most Prestigious Colleges and yet he seemed confused.
“Hey Dreamer”
His friend called him knowing exactly what he might have been thinking, “will you please stop calling me that Arman, please yaar,  girls are laughing at me because of you” Ronit quoted firmly, “oh c’mon, dreamer boy, girls are laughing at you cause you slept off with your mouth open in the last class, besides you already have Preeti, please leave these girls for me man”, Arman broke it to Ronit. Sleeping off in the free period was a joy for this boy as he hardly ever slept, all he ever did was Study and worry. Ronit was the type of kid that always took things in life seriously and why not, he aspired to an Airline Pilot, an Entrepreneur and much more which seemed way too much for a single Life Time.

Exams were approaching and every Student in the class seemed competitive with one another. It was the time of that year when even the most planned Students was beginning to get confused about what they really wanted to do next. 

He was a charming 20 year old who dreamt of the skies and Preeti another 20 year old Dental Student from Sinhgad Dental College and Hospital, Pune was lucky enough to meet Ronit on a Pune Intercollege competitions a year back when they decided to date each other.
As soon as Ronit got home his father greeted him on a Whatsapp Video call.  Abhay Kumar a Corporate Advocate was a proud father of four children Ronit, Samyak, Archi, and Avni and his wife Reema a Professor in Psychology was as hard working as anyone could be. 

“Hi Dad,
We got our timetable today, it starts in two weeks” Ronit declared, the entire family bursted into  a noise asking him to relax and wished him good luck.
Archi and Avni made fun of his hair and giggled, “bhaiya, you have become so stylish, Ahmedabad girls will be all flat now, pure Pune wallah, did you meet someone?”
Archi pointed out while their mother joined “yes yes tell us, be serious about exams okay beta, girls and all we’ll see later”, “oh my god ma and these bachis, please leave me alone” Ronit laughed “and tell Samyak I said hi, I see him so often on Instagram doing his football rehearsals, hope its going well” he added, ”yes yes he is practicing round the clock, sometimes I think he’ll be the next Ronaldo” his father stated a light hearted statement.
Ronit and his family waved to each other before hanging up the call.

One call was done and now awaited his daily evening calls with Preeti,

“why so late?”

Preeti  stormed on the Video call, “sorry babe, exams are up ahead and you know I have a big family, so everyone was on the line today” Ronit tried to pacify her, “whatever” replied Preeti.

Ronit came up with an idea before the exams took over all of his time “babe tomorrow I’ll come see you, pleaseee don’t be mad, I’ll come stay over, it’s weekend, please cheer up my babbyyy”, “you better be here early morning itself, I won’t open the door if you come after 8 am,  Muah” said Preeti
blowing an angry Kiss at him,

“I promise madam” teased Ronit.

“Wow, the house smells so good, what are you making babe?”

Ronit walked in exactly at 7:45 am, Preeti seemed impressed and replied “sausages, half boiled eggs, toast and coffee”.

Ronit held his girlfriend from the back and Preeti turned her head for a quick Kiss

“You smell nice” she complimented,

“of course, as always” he replied playfully. 

They watched their favourite Good Morning show in VH1 on her bed and ate their fills.

“Ah let's do something today, movie may be?” Ronit suggested, “yeah cool, in the evening” Preeti agreed and added “day time lets just chill here and order food, whole week we work so hard we need to just lay in bed and relax”, “you think I’ll just let you relax like that hahaha” Ronit replied with a
wicked smile,

“babe please” his girlfriend looked at him in a cute grumpy manner.

Everyone is aware what a chill means and pulled her in and Kissed her and began to slowly slide his hands under her Pink Tee shirt and tried to unhook her Sexy Bra, Preeti bursted out laughing “it is a front hook babe ahahahahaha”,

Ronit laughed along with her and they continued Kissing each other till they ended up making Love to the music of John Mayer in the background.

Lying on the bed Ronit watched Preeti put on her lingerie, “Such Sexy lingerie, are you planning on tempting me 24/7” he said with a rhetorical tone

“it’s not my fault that you are so attracted to me” Preeti smartly answered it anyway, “seriously though where do you get these from” Ronit pinched her cheeks and asked   always” Preeti replied and Kissed him back.

“I need a shower now” Ronit took a towel and got up from the bed “come join me babe, been so long” he gave out his hand for Preeti to take his offer, “hahaha naughty,

Okay but just a bath you promise?”

she asked him making her usual puppy eyes, “I can’t promise” he laughed fickle mindedly. 

The weekend was over like every good thing and so was the preparation week. Anxious yet excited Ronit entered his examination hall after all it was the last day of his exams and after this was done, he would finally spread his wings to explore. Every cell in him was prepared for this day, every paper although not a cake walk, it certainly wasn’t something unexpected for him. 

 “Students please pay attention here, kindly, check the notice board after your exams, there are some important notice about career counsellors that you can contact, all the best to the class of 2015, hope you all have a bright future, kindly raise your hands for any questions and if not any, you may start writing your answers” the invigilator made an announcement, much needed for all the sophomores. 

“Arman, did you see anything useful?”

Ronit asked standing in front of the notice board after their paper, “here, check this out, scan the code on the notice board and then, yep, you get that link, the got it right?” Arman showed how it worked and Ronit followed “wow it’s right here in Pune?”,“ so yeah I am thinking to be in Pune itself, so I guess we are sorted bro”,added Ronit, “I scanned this as well’s in Indore, think I wanna be home for a while so this will be good for me” Arman disclosed, “ oh well, good luck then, will miss you man” Ronit looked at Arman and the boys patted each other and walked in the corridors of their College for one last time.

On his way to the hostel Ronit texted his girlfriend
Ronit: Hey babe
Preeti: how was the exam?

Ronit: it went well, so I found this place for career counselling in Pune, I think I’ll check it out

Preeti: the one with scan code?
Ronit: how do you know?
Preeti: we had the same one here in our notice boards
Ronit: great, and what did you decide?
Preeti: Well my class teacher suggested me to download this 

so I’ll check this out  I’ll see what to do next and why don’t you download it as well?

Ronit: oh wow, cool will do and also I will be here in Pune itself for the counselling

Preeti: great then I’ll be here too for time being and practice, come see me then, exams are over now  missing you so much
Ronit: yes of course babe I will, missing you a lot too my love
Preeti: okay come as soon as possible, call me and let me know when you are coming, cya babe, love you
Ronit: sure babe cya, love you too

It was a week after their exams the boys bid each other farewell and began their counselling sessions. Ronit visited the best counsellor in Pune and so did Arman in Indore.

A year passed by and Ronit began his Pilot training and Preeti went ahead with her further Studies and took up a stream to qualify as an Orthodontist. The couple’s love was still going strong and they planned for their future because it was almost like they grew up together. 

Four years later the day finally came when Ronit was declared as an official an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Preeti had her fifth patient appointment for braces
Preeti: I’m so happy for you babe omg congrats
Ronit: thank you so much and congrats to you too  Dr. Preeti, good going babe

Preeti: tomorrow evening I am coming over to your new place

Ronit: of course and I need to discuss so many Stuffs with you
Preeti: cool  love you  Jaanu

Ronit: love you too Baby

Next day was a serious talk for the couple and this time they were no longer 20 year old having fun and planning for movies alone.

“So I need to tell you something” Ronit started “you are scaring me babe” Preeti looked at him with grave eyes, “I will have to move to Philippines for further training and you know flying as well and I leave Pune this coming week”. BUT
I have a Wonderful Idea before we leave this city. Lets go to some Forest for a break. Lets plan a visit to 

Let me book the one of the best place for a break.

When They  got there at Satpura, they  discovered it was a Big Cottage of the Woods. Other houses were nearby but not completely visible due to the foliage. They went out on the back deck and talked small talk while Reena poured Tea.
Reena said, “Don’t you love the view here?

It’s so beautiful.” Ronit said,

“I’d like it better if you weren’t wearing a Bra.” :-) 

Reena gave him a look of disgust and said something like, “It figures”.

There was a Romentic silence for a few minutes and his ears were burning but then, with no expression on her face, Ronit reached behind her back, unsnapped the Bra and pulled it out of her blouse in that way women do, and let it drop to the deck.

“Are you Happy now?,”

Reena asked contemptuously.

“Well, it would be nice if you undid a few more buttons on your blouse.”

The blush rose on her cheeks but Reena undid a few buttons.

Not enough to see her nipples, but enough to expose the mounds of her Sexy Big Breasts.

“Does this make you hard?,”

Reena asked him in a ridiculing tone.

“Ohhh Yes,”Ronit said,  :-)

“Would you like to see ?”

But Reena put her hand on his bulge and squeezed.

“Yup, you’re pretty hard now.”

Reena leaned over so her blouse fell open a little and I could see her nipple on one breast, hard and erect.

They said nothing for a few minutes. Ronit reached over and pulled one side of her blouse away and exposed her nipple.

Reena looked down at it.

“Did I say you could expose my nipple like that?,”
Reena asked.

But her hand unsnapped her jeans and went underneath.
Ronit could see her hand moving under her pants.

Her breathing was a little labored.

“Take down your jeans,” Ronit said,
“Let me see.”
Reena said breathlessly,

“This is Private.”

But her hand was moving faster.

Ronit got up and went around to her and pulled down the zipper of her jeans and eased them off her.

Her panties came half off but Ronit could see her hand underneath working her clit.

“Don’t look,” Reena whined, her hips starting to buck a little.

Ronit was rubbing his own crotch now.

“Oh no,” Reena whispered,

“No, I’m starting to cum.”

“Don’t watch me,” Reena said,

“I’m cumming.”

But Ronit watched her complete her work and he unzipped his pants and took out his cock.

Reena closed her eyes and moaned and her mouth closed around it and her head went back and forth and the spit dribbled from her lips and onto her chest and Reena grasped his shaft and stroked and sucked.

Ronit pulled it out and, using his hand to hold it, Ronit used his wet cock as lipstick around her lips, making a trail of wet, bubbly saliva all around her mouth.

“What are you going to do now?,” Reena asked.

Ronit stood her up and leaned her over the rail of the deck.

Through the foliage Ronit could see another house nearby.

“You are NOT going to Fuck me here,” Reena said,

“I’m not doing it.” “Shut up,” Ronit said as he worked her panties off her ankles.

Ronit bent her over the deck, undid his pants and let them fall then worked his cock up and down her wet slit.

Reena looked over her shoulder at him in panic,

“What are you doing?,” Reena asked Ronit.

Ronit started to ram her hard against the deck. His hands went up under her blouse and grabbed her breasts.

“My nipples,” Reena gasped, “Pinch my nipples.”

“ Wow ” Ronit said, and Ronit pinched her nipples. “Oh my God,” Reena whined,

“I think they can see us,” as Ronit pounded her. “Spread your ass for me,”
Ronit said.

Reena reached back and spread her cheeks.

Ronit could see her asshole, a little open from the fucking her pussy was getting.

Ronit pulled his wet cock from her pussy and rubbed it against her asshole.
Ronit spit on it.

But her hands held her cheeks spread wide and Ronit forced his  cock into her ass. Reena grunted with pain and I thrilled with the pleasure as it slid past that tight sphincter and then Ronit slowly pounded her.

“Oh God,” Reena said, “I’m such a pig,” and Reena pureenad back hard on my cock, “I think I’m going to cum.” and Reena worked Ronit cock with her ass until, gasping, Ronit filled her with cum.

“You are so naughty,” Reena said bitterly when he had finished spurting inside her, “That shit will be dripping into my panties all day.”

“Come on,” Ronit said,

“We  need to take a shower.”

Later in the Restaurant Reena said, “My Pussy is still burning.

And that shit is in my panties.”

“Shut up,” Ronit said, J

“Or I’ll fuck your U again in the Jungle.   Hehehe  ;-)

“Promises, promises,” Reena said with derision, raising the fork to her mouth.

Had a good memory they drove back to Pune.

Back in Pune

Ronit held her face and broke the news to her, “well, we can do long distance, there’s whatsapp Video call, we can fly to each other once or twice a year, right?” Preeti spoke trying to look carefree while her voice has already started breaking. Ronit Kissed her forehead and assured her “yes babe, yeah, glad you didn’t get mad at me”, “how can I be, it's about your career, I am not that selfish” replied Preeti, “you better meet me before leaving” she added sternly with a childish voice, “do you even have to mention that”, Ronit pushed her cute cheeks together and Kissed her hard. 

When we fear of something to arrive, it seems to arrive faster and so did the day for Ronit to leave Pune was a day away. Preeti Kissed him and tried not to cry, “packed it all is it?” “except you”

Ronit tried to lighten up the moment, “you’re only gonna make me sadder” said Preeti hugging him as tight as possible. Their hearts beating like a drum lead them to Kiss one another to make love one for last time before he flew away.

It was one of their most passionate moments in a long time as they were both busy working and thriving to get where they want, “I love you” she whispered as they finished, “I love you too Preeti” Ronit Kissed her neck, as their bare body lied next to each other with their favourite music playing in the background for one last time.

Ronit flew back next morning to Ahmedabad and Preeti let him go with her sinking heart yet hoping it will all workout.

All of a sudden 20 to 25 felt like a dream as Preeti sat in the cab to go back to her apartment, teary eyed but with a feeling of being loved.

Just two week into the homely atmosphere and it was time for Ronit to fly again.
“Packed everything right? Also please keep the achar separately, you don’t want oil on your clothes” Reena helped Ronit pack his last luggage, “so much food ma, wonder if they will let me through” Ronit smiled at his mother gratefully, “arey, why not, you are not some ordinary person, you are a captain, also you will miss my food there beta” his mother Kissed his forehead. Ronit was filled with mixed feelings of going to Philippines away from his family but it also excited him. “Bhaiya, bhaiya please bring as many Stuffs you can hold when you come back” Avni bugged her brother, “who knows he will bring a girl from out there” laughed Archi and teased Ronit as she always did. Samyak walked in and joined the laughter “he sure is a charmer these days, girls at my university keep asking about him” he winked at Archi while Abhay called out from the outside “Ronit beta we start in another an hours please have everything ready, I’m done cleansing the car windows”, “yes papa, we are all set” replied Ronit. 

That evening finally he was looking at his flight ticket and waving at his family members at the Sardar Vallabhai Patel airport to fly off to Philippines to start his career as a Pilot. “How did this even happen, everything was so quick” Ronit pondered upon the years that passed by but also excitement knew know boundaries.

Preeti: bored your flight? 
Ronit: yes babe, will start in another 10 minutes
Preeti: gosh I miss you so much
Ronit: I miss you too babe, will see you in December  already excited
Preeti: that’s like 11 months away
Ronit: the longer you wait the sweeter I’ll get 

Preeti: always in a mood for jokes lol, have a safe flight, love you and text me as soon as you reach there
Ronit: love you too my baby and yes of course I will

The announcement by the cabin crew began and when the flight took off, so did Ronit’s dreams.

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